Friday, 28 August 2009

Greengage Jam

Some greengages were given to me so I decided to jam them. I used the same recipe as some plum jam I made a couple of weeks ago.

2lb greengages
2lb demerera sugar
1/2 pint of water


De-stone and chop up gages put in a pan and cook with sugar and water on a rolling boil till setting point reached.

As with all jams put a saucer in the fridge before you start. Setting point is reached when the jam wrinkles after putting on the cold saucer. I`ll make a post some other time about some basic rules for jam making and setting.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Liqueur 44

In a kilner jar put 1 ltr eau de vie or vodka, 44 cubes of sugar and an orange pierced and studded with 44 coffee beans.

Leave for 44 days. Shake occasionaly to disolve sugar


Mine will be ready on the 26th september. Fingers crossed.

Monday, 24 August 2009

First post

Here is the start of my blog. My goal is to spread my growing knowledge in identifying wild food, harvesting them and what to do with them in the kitchen.
I am a profesional chef who uses wild foods as much as possible in my cooking both in my work environment and at home. Sourcing ingredients will never get more local than this and there is never any doubt in how fresh or organic the food is.

Any recipes I post are tried and tested (let me know if they dont turn out right)

At the start of wild berry season my kitchen table at home after a forage usually looks similar to this.